Kitchen Designs well as factory-trained cabinetry designers is what sets Alno apart from other kitchen brands. From the moment you step foot into an Alno location, you will have peace of mind when it comes to the design process for your new, modern kitchen.

The brand stands for uncompromised quality cabinets and innovative design features. Alno gives you clear direction and guidance for a modern design in a saturated building products market.

German engineering and the finest craftsmanship.

..are involved in manufacturing every Alno door front. Alno has a range of products suitable for home owners, developers of multi-unit buildings, as well as commercial spaces.

With over thirty different programs in ten different price groups and with fronts available now in any color, Alno is one of the most diverse brands on the market. Renovations can be accomplished with less stress, through our professional kitchen design consultations at one of our showrooms or dealerships.
Alno specializes in custom and fitted kitchen cabinet design made in Germany. No matter what you are planning for your home, it’s good that at least one thing is certain, choosing the right kitchen. One thing’s for sure: Alno.